“It is the time and care we dedicate to our nougat to make it so special.”
Vincenzo Rivoltini


Italian nougat the old-fashioned way

The name Rivoltini has always been linked to torrone, the traditional Italian sweet which represents the excellence of the company.
The original recipe of 1441, the typical steam double-boiler to cook the dough and the finest ingredients, give our nougat its unique taste.

Come and make Nougat

Honey and sugar are beaten with egg white for about 40 minutes. In this phase the nougat loses a large part of the humidity and acquires the typical straw-yellow color.
Once extracted, the nougat is spread in molds of beech wood, pressed and left to rest for about twenty minutes.
The second act, that of cooking, lasts 11 hours. Almonds are roasted separately, and added only at the end.
Even the nougat, for a fuller taste, is left to mature for 3 months, in cells at low temperatures and humidity control.

It’s not just nougat

For over thirty years, Rivoltini Alimentaria Dolciaria has been a reference point as bars manufacturer among the few Italian producers. We created different lines of bars, including organic snacks, superfood bars, protein bars, and energy bar.